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Want to learn about BIM? What are BIM Execution Plans (BEP/BXP), Model Progression Specifications (MPS), Level Of Detail (LOD), Level Of Development (LOD), Level Of Definition (LOD), Level Of Information (LOI), Level Of Information Need (LOIN), Level Of Accuracy (LOA) and others?

In the BIM blogs below we share stories about how simple BIM planning is helping Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners agree on BIM.

Lean Construction

We mapped out the BIM Management workflow and found these “6 BIM Wastes” you should probably target to increase your BIM efficiencies…

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Top 3 BIM Planning Steps!

Owners sometimes read online about the promise of BIM saving them time and money – but as we all know without the right plan and common goals things can quickly go wrong. In the…

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BIM Transformation

A few years ago we didn’t have BIM titles. At that point there wasn’t enough BIM for a BIM Manager to manage. Now maybe we have too…

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Managing your BIM risk?

Owner: “I’ve been reading online about BIM” and “we’d like our project to be LOD 500 with COBie” Architect: we “usually do 200 and some 300” Owner: “if you can’t do this BIM thing I’ll have to get a team that can” Architect: “Oh no, we can do it, where do we have to...

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A lot of the BIM revolution is about technology until we remind ourselves that it’s more about processes and people. Then we…

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My First Startup

When I was ten years old I really wanted to buy a pool table. I’d been growing flowers in the back yard and selling them out the front of our house. However…

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