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Learn about Level Of Development planning, LOD meaning + LOD definitions, BIM Management processes, BIM workflows and more.

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BIM Scoping Intro

Webinar Series

What If It Was Simple?


BIM Milestones

BIM Scope List

BIM Templates

BIM Scope

Information Management

BIM Responsibility Matrix

Intro to Planning

Why Plan?

What If?

Demo #1

Demo #2

Demo #3

Quick Recap

BIM Management Course

Part 1 – Updates Summary

Part 2 – Product Demo!

BIM Management Interview

BIM Management Interview

BIM Execution Plan Challenges

Using BIM Execution Plan Templates

BIM Management Program

How to manage your BIM workflow

Demo of BIM Execution Plan (BEP)

The 6 BIM Wastes

Our Lean BIM Journey

5 Lean BIM Lessons

The 4 Steps To Smart Lean BIM

BIM Guidelines For Working With Owners

Top 3 BIM Steps To Please Your Owner

What is LOD?

Top 6 Solutions to LOD Challenges ✅

Top 10 BIM Planning Time Savers

Simple Visual BIM Scoping

Top 5 BIM Execution Plan Challenges:

How To Create A BIM Execution Plan:

Create a Lean BIM Execution Plan:

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