A few years ago we didn’t have BIM titles.

At that point there wasn’t enough BIM for a BIM Manager to manage.

Now maybe we have too much BIM for a single BIM Manager to manage? 😆

Let me share what I mean by this…

We believe that our industry’s BIM transformation is one of the most challenging – yet could offer the most radical improvement our industry has ever experienced.

BIM is “the most radical improvement our industry has ever experienced”

Many companies start their BIM journey when a technology-savvy employee reads something online and shows an interest in BIM.

This curiosity (1) then tends to create a new position at the firm – a BIM Manager (2).

It can be a daunting time as the BIM Manager can quickly become the goto person for everything new.

This type of change to a company structure can also feel unsettling to others within the organization.

To cope with an increase in BIM demand the new BIM Manager enlists support and over time an exciting BIM Department grows (3). 

This becomes an interesting and critically strategic time for the company.

We either see an aha moment – or we can see a new level of resistance to this transformation.

The new BIM department can start to become just a services team – working to fulfill client requirements on the company’s “BIM Projects”.

Our hope however is that more companies realize that BIM/Digital is the new industry norm.

It’s time for change.

However there are many types of change.

Changing of the Queen’s guard (below) is expected, it’s timed, and it’s choreographed.

Conversely changing of the BIM guard is different – it’s new, it’s challenging, and it’s transformative!

…but it’s necessary, don’t you think? 👍

If you’re progressing on your own BIM journey maybe you’d like to start planning BIM at your company today?:

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BIM Execution Plan


Visual LOD Matrix

BIM Scope

BIM Management

BIM Track

Create your Free BIM Execution Plan now:

BIM Blogs:

What is BIM?

What is BIM?

A “What Is BIM” explanation that even your Grandma would understand!

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