Our passion is SmartLeanBIM™ Continuous improvement runs through our veins and we believe that real magic happens at the intersection of BIM and Lean.
Our mission is to enable the optimization of global design management for Owners, Architects, Engineers and Contractors.
Our value is to support a culture of simple BIM planning – one where BIM Execution Plans, Scopes, Contracts, and Management are completed in minutes, not days.
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Leadership Team

Clive Jordan

Clive Jordan

"Mr Integration" Co-Founder and CEO

Engineering grad, interned as an architect, built big stuff at a contractor, rode the software startup wave, and wore a tie at a real estate developer.

Every role from A to E to C to O was BIM related. Clive’s claim to fame is being part of the team that “invented” LOD and coined the term “5D BIM”.

Matt abicic

Matt abicic

"Mr Tech" Co-Founder and CTO

UCLA Computer Science and Mathematics Startup Junkie.

Life-long technologist and an avid innovator with a social conscience.

When Matt’s not helping everyone in the world you’ll find him laying by the pool with a good book.

David porter

David porter

"Mr Solutions" Co-Founder and VP Product

Coding Jedi. Drop the mic.

A top grad from the full stack web development program at App Academy in San Francisco, CA.

David also wears his headphones during long walks on the beach.

Louie Moran

Louie Moran

"Mr Happiness" - VP Customer Implementation

King Collaborator between Owners, Architects, General Superintendent’s, Project Managers and Project Engineers.

BIM Manager, BIM Coordinator, Architectural Associate and Clash Avoidance Pioneer.

Louie has reinvented the process of reinventing processes.

Olli Seppänen

Olli Seppänen

"Dr LOD"

Professor of Practice at the Aalto University School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering.

Olli co-founded and successfully sold three construction management software start-ups. His teams at Vico Software and Trimble developed and implemented LOD and the Model Progression Specification on some of the largest construction projects worldwide.

Olli is obsessed with continually improving design and construction processes with practical efficiencies. His work in this area and selfless sharing of his findings is second to none.

When Olli’s not tracking and analyzing industry productivity, he likes to run like Forrest Gump.

John russo

John russo

"Mr LOA"

President USIBD & ARC

Scan-to-BIM Jedi and father of the Level Of Accuracy (LOA) specification.

John is a recognized author of multiple BIM and laser scanning publications. He’s the authority when it comes to defining “how good is good enough”.

When John’s not scanning another building he’s enjoying time spent with his family.

Dave mccool

Dave mccool

"Mr Strategy"

Director of Virtual Design and Construction, Procore

Industry thought leader and resident BIM strategist for a meteroric construction tech company.

Via BIM books and BIM blogs, Dave is devoted to educating teams worldwide about one of the most challenging yet rewarding changes our industry has ever undertaken.

When Dave’s not saving the BIM world you’ll hear him playing sax solos to Stevie Wonder.

Viktor bullain

Viktor bullain

"Mr Process"

Viktor has over 18 years of experience in implementing process change and technology.

With an MBA from USC and some of the most advanced strategic BIM and process improvement ideas on the planet, Viktor is a natural business leader.

Viktor was branded “Top 20 under 40” by ENR but when he’s not receiving national accolades Viktor is just making anyone who will listen more efficient.

Dan fauchier

Dan fauchier

"Mr Lean"

Director, Lean & Last Planner Facilitator & Coach

Dan is a Certified Master Facilitator and Lean Practitioner who has worked with some of the largest AECOs in the business.

Dan’s true passion is to integrate construction, period. He’s always prepared to own a project and roll up his sleeves to get things done.

When Dan’s not waving his arms in a Lean session he’s the proud “GranDan” of twins Ellis and Thalia and Co-Founder of a non-profit arts and sciences group.

Pete carrato

Pete carrato

"Mr EPC"

Consulting Engineer, PE, SE, CEng, F.ASCE, F.ICS

40 years of EPC project delivery for a major international firm. BIM Manager for an ENR top 500 firm. Member of both AISC and ACI BIM/Interoperability committees.

Pete’s passion is to act as an agent for disruptive change in the project delivery methods within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry through the implementation of advance technology.

When Pete’s not busy changing the world of engineering and construction he likes to work on his tan while waiting for decent surf on the South Carolina coast. Patience grasshopper.

Ergo pikas

Ergo pikas

"Dr Design Management"

MSc in Construction Management and construction tech startup guru.

Ergo’s passions are Lean construction and design management using BIM.

Ergo has dedicated the last three years of his life to researching LOD.

When not writing a white paper you’ll find Ergo doting on his new baby girl.

Akos hamar

Akos hamar

"Mr VDC"

Business Development at BuildingPoint Switzerland

Akos has pioneered VDC implementation across the globe. His primary focus in the past few years is Europe and Switzerland, actively working on speeding up the adoption of 5D technologies and processes. During his time at Vico Software, he was part of the core team developing the company’s LOD and MPS specifications.

Akos has process oriented thinking with a passion to develop a value chain with the lowest possible waste and highest quality.

When not VDC’ing, Akos spends his spare time growing his beard.

Our Story

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We feel that everybody should have shelter and a safe place that they can call home.

A part of every license subscription will support our friends at Habitat for Humanity.

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