Simple cloud-based BIM Management software.

Quickly create EIRs, BEPs / BXPs. Invite team members to comment on your live documents to gain project team approval. Print and archive your BIM contract agreements. Reuse, update and continuously improve your templates.
Define clear BIM Uses with only the necessary scope. Quickly agree LOD (Level of Detail/Development/Definition), LOI (Level of Information) and LOA (Level Of Accuracy) requirements for the right teams at the right time.

Accelerate the adoption of a Lean Design Management workflow by automatically printing your Pull Planning cards. Manage BIM progress using a simple drag-n-drop schedule and cards board keeping the whole team informed.

BIM Professionals use LOD Planner to:

BIM Execution Planning Software (BEP) Saves Time

Save Time

We understand that BIM planning, scoping and contracting can be time consuming – that’s why we’ve optimized every step to get it done in minutes.

BIM Standards

Agree on BIM

Develop more collaborative relationships and avoid legal battles through visual BIM planning between Owners, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors.

We believe in SmartLeanBIM™

Smart Lean BIM is the right BIM,

at the right time,

by the right people

– for the right reasons.

Users in over 100 countries. Trusted by the most innovative companies.

Taught on some of the most advanced BIM programs.

Three integrated BIM management modules:

BIM Execution Plan (BEP)


Online BIM Execution Plans

Model Progression Specification (MPS) BIM Scope


Visual BIM Scoping

Lean BIM


Drag-n-drop management

Together we can simplify BIM

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