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Previously Level Of Development (LOD) workflows were inflexible and could cause confusion. Disconnected processes (using Excel and pdfs) can also result in miscommunication. Isn’t it time to stop adding unnecessary risk to our BIM projects? Get ready to advance your BIM standards today!

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BIM LOD Matrix

Flexible Approach To LOD Standards

Easily adjust the required level of geometry, reliability, accuracy, information, and more.

Adopt UK, US or your own BIM Standards with the added flexibility our industry has been requesting.

Simple + Visual BIM Scoping Matrix

Use clear BIM images to quickly agree on BIM requirements.

Break down barriers between teams by providing a fun, visual and collaborative experience.

The Right BIM For The Right Reasons

Define Leaner BIM scope packages that directly support your chosen BIM Uses.

Cutting out your BIM waste saves time and results in happier project teams.

LOD Standards Made Simple

Select Your LOD Standard

If you follow UK, US or other national standards – or like to define things yourself we have you covered!

BIM LOD Standards
BIM Object Library

Search Library Of BIM Objects

Search the extensive library of BIM objects to quickly define your project BIM scopes.

All Project Scope Requirements

Content expands across all disciplines – easily involve all teams to define their complete and collaborative scope.

Includes: Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Low Voltage, Finishes, Site Works, Roads, Tunnels, Robotic Arms(!) and more.

LOD Definition
LOD Matrix

Visual and Flexible LOD Matrix

Quickly turn systems and elements on / off

Visually define your project requirements for each BIM Goal / Use

Seamlessly reuse scope packages on future projects.

Work With Your Teams

Team collaboration on the same live BIM planning platform helps ensure (by defining the MEA – Model Element Author) that everyone knows who is responsible for what and when.

Define MEA (Model Element Authors)
LOI Level Of Information

Targeted Owner FM Information

Quickly search the database (including IFC parameters) to define more targeted information requirments.

The Lean approach to Owner Handover Model requirements allows you to remove the waste and target what the owner actually wants.

Define Level Of Accuracy

Reduce confusion and over measurement / representation by defining scope and the level of accuracy required for As-Built elements.

The easiest way to follow USIBD standards.

Level Of Accuracy (LOA)
LOD Matrix Example Printed

Print Formatted Reports

Print summary tables and detailed LOD reports to quickly include in your proposals and contracts.

Reports show all of your LOD, LOI, LOA details.

Advance Your BIM Standards Today!
Simple and quick:

Now Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners in more than 100 countries use the simple LOD Planner framework to quickly create Employers Information Requirements (EIR), BIM Execution Plans (BEP / BXP) and project contracts. Start and finish your BIM planning process in minutes, not days.

Open BIM Standards:

BIM Professionals using LOD Planner now easily implement BIM standards aligned to the US (AIA and BIM Forum), UK (Level 2 / PAS1192 / BS1192 / ISO 19650) or company specific requirements. 


In a perfect world BIM Execution Plans would be continuously evolving documents - however they also need to be contractual and archived along the way.

LOD Planner gives you the best of both worlds - have your cake and eat it: keep your plans Live but also archive your contract versions along the way.

Easily collaborate with your team, consultants and clients on the most current BIM Execution Plan in one location.

Standard Templates and Continuous Improvement:

Keep your company standards, standard: centrally manage your BIM Execution Plan templates, easily share and continuously improve across your team.

Take advantage of the simple Propose > Publish > Archive workflow.

Viewers comment, editors Propose and managers Publish.

Finally we can agree on BIM!

Collaborative and contractual (at the same time!):

Get the benefit of a collaborative approach (IPD/shared risk/saving) without the need for a collaborative contract.

Collaborate live by inviting internal and external team members or simply print/pdf your project information, processes, BIM contracts, reports and team contact lists.

All printed documents will be archived as BIM contract agreements.

Print your contracts:

No more unmanageable one-size-fits-all contracts.

Simply filter and print what is relevant for each party.

Easily access archived documents and contracts any time you need them.


Manageable templates allow you to continuously improve your standards for your next project.

Templates are separated in to bite sized sections to selectively update or reuse relevant content from existing projects.


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