The Knowledge Platform for BIM Professionals

Smart Lean BIM 

BIM Execution Plans, Scopes, Contracts and Management
…in minutes, not days.

The Knowledge Platform for BIM Professionals

Smart Lean BIM™

BIM Execution Plans, Scopes, Contracts and Management

…in minutes, not days.

What if all Owners had an intuitive, collaborative and visual method to identify the BIM they actually need?

What if every Architect, Engineer and Consultant could easily agree on exactly what BIM scope they’re signing up for?

What if all Contractors could manage their BIM requirements in a collaborative and integrated BIM scoping workflow?

What if together we could easily plan and scope BIM projects, create BIM contracts, manage BIM workflow and share BIM standards on a single dedicated platform?

What is LOD Planner?

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We believe in Owners, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors agreeing on BIM

We believe in optimal corporate BIM policies and sharing a global BIM standard

We believe in crafting a beautiful BIM management platform

Three Core LOD Principles:


LOD: Your BIM Geometry

Which elements do we really need?

Can you coordinate around or count something that’s not there? Maybe you’ve also seen models with too much detail? We see contractual risks in both under and over modeling.

Shouldn’t our BIM plans support the optimum project requirements?


LOD: Your BIM Maturity

How good is

Is your as-built actually As Built? As design itterates, should we spend time coordinating around elements that are yet to be finalized?! Does detailed modeling without accuracy add value? 

Wouldn’t a flexible, targeted BIM scope reduce rework and support reliability? 


LOD: Information BIM

What information will actually be used?

Ah, the “I” in BIM! Over specifying information requirements can add unnecessary hours of data input. On the other hand a model missing critical data is about as useful as a waterproof towel.

Shouldn’t “necessary information” be at the heart of efficient BIM?

One Core BIM Community Principle:

Together we can consolidate our lessons learned and simplify BIM management worldwide.

Will you join us?

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