Maybe his first LOD Planner project?!?

What do you think about these 20 exciting BIM features that experts from around the world would love to have?:

  • You want a “collaborative BIM execution planning platform”
  • You want “embedded videos” in your BEPs – nice idea!
  • You want a “streamlined process” to create “targeted BEPs for each project”
  • You want a “more flexible yet easier approach to LOD, LOA, and LOI planning”
  • You want a “simple way to incorporate LOA” (Level Of Accuracy) in your BIM workflows
  • You want to “share and standardize BIM” across your company
  • You also want a platform approach to “share knowledge across the BIM community
  • You want to “use existing standards” but also be able to “improve on them as required”
  • You want the BIM community to “help manage global BIM standards”
  • You want to achieve “one global BIM standard” that “continually improves”
  • You want to be able to “merge detailed BIM scopes” from various trades/companies “into a single plan and contract”
  • You want the planning workflow to “naturally create your BIM scopes and contracts”
  • You want to take advantage, in a “non-freaky” way, of machine learning to “continually improve the standards”
  • You want to “keep the BEP and scope “live” but …”
  • You also want to “pdf/print and archive BEPs, scopes and contracts” at any point
  • You want to “leverage collaborative scopes to expedite design Pull Planning”
  • You want to “print the pull planning cards directly from the contract scope” – wow what a time saver for Pull Planning!!
  • You want to remove the need for Gantt charts and use “drag-n-drop Kanban approach to update BIM progress”
  • You want this in a “simple to use cloud-based dedicated BIM platform”

On our journey to Smart.Lean.BIM™ we want to help our industry with all of these challenges.

If you feel that any of the above would be useful for you or anyone on your team please connect with us on LinkedIn and maybe register your email below?

We’re about to launch the commercially available platform in the coming weeks and move into “Smart.Lean.BIM™ – phase 2”. Please keep sharing your feedback.

Three modules:

BIM Execution Plan


Visual LOD Matrix

BIM Scope

BIM Management

BIM Track

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What is BIM?

What is BIM?

A “What Is BIM” explanation that even your Grandma would understand!

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