LOD 2.0: “This is genius! The more I see, the more I realize how brilliant this is”

BIM Execution Plans are being created around the world to support more advanced BIM workflows and Global Building Information Modeling Standards are also being developed and improved by expert BIM Communities. This is an exciting time for BIM.

Recently we found it extremely complimentary to be introduced as “BIM Pioneers” at a BIM event in front of a large group that we knew included approximately 70 BIM experts.

At the event we were sharing our vision of a more integrated BIM future. 

BIM Standards

Matt (our CTO – Chief Technology Officer) and I were extremely motivated by a large number of the common BIM challenges discussed that were already being targeted by the LOD Planner BIM planning platform.

We’ve heard from many BIM managers about the risks of not having a clear and contracted BIM plan and also contracting to an incorrect, overly detailed, or actually most frequently an overly generalized plan. Unfortunately, this is a real and recurring challenge for teams.

We also hear from many seasoned BIM professionals that BIM Execution Planning Standards are becoming quite daunting.

We believe that the BIM Execution Planning (BEP/BXP) process should be easier, much easier.

With LOD Planner a BIM Execution Plan (including detailed geometry, accuracy, and information requirements) can be completed collaboratively in just one hour, compared to the many days that some people revealed it’s been taking them to develop their current plans.

A quote from the event: “This is genius! The more I see, the more I realize how brilliant this is”

That comment came from a BIM Integrator from the BIM event and it helped me understand the magnitude of what the LOD Planner platform can do for our industry. It was also that comment that put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. 🙂

Feedback from BIM experts is an invaluable step in our journey. We will continue to attentively listen and incorporate your ideas to improve the BIM planning solution that the team is building. Please keep connecting with us: hello@lodplanner.com

We now have over 800 companies worldwide registered – and, if your company isn’t already using it, we cannot wait to share it with you too.

We’d love it if you chose to join us on our journey to Smart.Lean.BIM.™

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