Once upon a time I held multiple drawings against a window to identify clashes.

Then along came new BIM technology that showed everyone else where I’d screwed up – more easily, more clearly and more quickly!

– thanks Navis 😆

Now times have changed again.

We now have the cloud for sharing live models.

It’s now easier than ever to get hooked into a ‘who gets there first wins’ mentality.

Unfortunately this new approach can result in thousands of costly-to-fix clashes.

In our eyes fixing of any clash is waste (virtually or not).

What if, we could use the technology advancements in our favor?

Could a prioritized clash avoidance workflow now be possible?

We believe that an element’s sequence should always be based on it’s priority.

Clash Detection vs Clash Avoidance

(image shows very generalized systems in an attempt to introduce the concept)

  • For example – gravity systems should hold a higher project priority than a single flexible conduit – right?
  • Another example – to re-route using multiple pipe welds requires more time and money compared to bending something flexible – right?

If we can prioritize model elements maybe we could lock in the important stuff first?

But how do we do this?

We believe in a combination of collaborative BIM scoping and Lean.

BIM Pull Planning

Let’s prioritize elements before modeling so that we can avoid fixing the more costly clashes later.

lodplanner.com together with tools like C4R and Clash MEP achieve a prioritized clash avoidance workflow.

That’s SmartLeanBIM™

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