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BIM Execution Plans (BEPs) are essential.

However… if you don’t get buy in from your team members then your great BIM plan (even using the best BEP Templates) can gather cobwebs and be worthless.

In the three videos below we:

1. Introduce why BIM Execution Plans are so important

2. Share the common BEP challenges and ask “What Would Make It Easy?”

3. and DEMO: how to Quickly Create An Online BEP (using free BIM Execution Plan templates)

Part 1: BIM Execution Plan Challenges

1. Many BIM Uses

BIM is used for many important parts of the Design and Construction workflow…

BIM Uses

2. Potential BIM Benefits

If implemented correctly(!) BIM can save us time ⌛️and money 💰.
BIM Benefits

3. BIM Levels

However it is critical to define how much BIM is required for each “BIM Use” and also understand who in the team will benefit.

BIM Levels

4. Guidelines 

There are many excellent guidelines, standards, best practices and templates available. 

BIM Execution Plan Standards

5. However…

Even a great BIM Execution Plan (BEP), using the best BIM Execution Plan templates, can end up in the bottom drawer, gather cobwebs and not help gain the advantages that we expect from implementing BIM.

Bad BIM Planning

6. Why Is This Difficult?

Unfortunately we are forced to use traditional (office focused) disconnected tools (like Word, Excel and PDFs) to support BIM workflows – this presents many challenges. So many that we found it difficult to fit them on one slide! 😉:

BEP Challenges

7. The Implications

The implications of getting BIM planning wrong can be scary. Without complete control BIM can become a wasteful workflow that will result in confusion, misunderstandings, blame, liability, risk and additional cost. 

Bad BIM Planning

8. Wrong Way

We believe that there is a better way…

Wrong way

9. What’s that then?

…a more awesome way 😉 

Awesome BIM

Part 2: Using BIM Execution Plan Templates

We Asked, What If?

What if we could make things easier, much easier?

Shat If We Did Smart Lean BIM?

1. What If We Made BEPs Simple?

Yes, simple.

Simple BIM Planning

2. What If BEPs Were Online?

What if we could use the power of the web for cloud-based BIM Execution Planning  workflows?

Cloud based BIM plan

3. What If We Had A Headstart?

What if we could use a dedicated BIM planning framework – rather than tools (like Word and Excel) that were created for traditional office-based tasks?

BIM Framework

4. What If We Had Templates?

What if BIM Execution Plan templates were available right out of the box? What if we could leverage these BEP Templates to create the perfect and highly collaborative BIM Execution Plan?

EP Templates

5. What If Whole Team Agreed?

What if everyone on the project could be involved as the project planning evolved – maybe they could actually help create a better plan?

BIM Team Collaboration

6. What If We Could Be Visual?

What if the plan created was so visual that everyone could SEE and actually understand  what they were responsible for?

Visual BIM Scoping

7. What If Teams Approved?

What if there was an approval workflow built into the tool that you can reduce email threads and actually have your BEP approved?

BIM Approval Workflow

8. What If The BEP Was Live+Archived?

What if we could leverage the best of both worlds? Maybe having a live web based view of the BEP that can be continually updated but also be able to archive the contract versions along the way?

Live and Archived BEP

9. What If We Could Save Time?

What if these improved workflows could adopt Lean BIM approaches that would save you a bunch of time?

Save Time With BIM

10. What If We Agreed On BIM?

What if the Owner, Architect, Engineers and Contractor all agreed on BIM before it was too late?

BIM Agreement

What If It Was Awesome! 😉 

Awesome is good, right?

Awesome BIM

Part 3: Demo Using BIM Execution Plan Templates

Here’s a demonstration showing how you can use online BIM Execution Plan Templates to create a truly collaborative BIM Execution Plan:

Create your Free BIM Execution Plan now:

Here’s the full webinar recording:

Three modules:

BIM Execution Plan


Visual LOD Matrix

BIM Scope

BIM Management

BIM Track

Create your Free BIM Execution Plan now:

BIM Blogs:

What is BIM?

What is BIM?

A “What Is BIM” explanation that even your Grandma would understand!

Recorded BIM Webinars:


Create your BIM Execution Plan:

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