BIM vs “Hollywood BIM”

Isn’t there something mesmerizing about a spinning top?

The way it just keeps going around and around and around…

Unfortunately some teams also just spin a 3D model around and around on the screen – also just to mesmerize.

This is one part of “Hollywood BIM” (a subset of Evil BIM 😉).

Why Use A BIM Execution Plan

Sadly “Hollywood-BIM” is in full force during some design and construction bidding processes…

The “traditional owner pitch” used to be:

1️⃣  Here’s our brilliant design/construction team (that probably won’t be on your project 😅)

2️⃣  Here are similar projects we have designed/constructed

3️⃣  Hire Us?

Hollywood BIM Team

But with BIM we now see:

1️⃣  Here’s our Hollywood BIM Movie Trailer

2️⃣  Here’s our BIM guy

3️⃣  When do we start?

Hollywood BIM Movie

Sad thing is …it worked – Now What?!?

Hollywood BIM Got Us Into Trouble

As a result teams struggled to deliver on expectations usually without a clear plan of what had been sold.

Also at the same time the teams who were not awarded projects started to realize their “deficiency” and began commissioning and spinning their own models in front of owners.

Then it became a battle of the D’s:

Oh, you only do “3D” – well, we do “4D”!

Yes, next up was the “4D BIM” movie…. you probably know how this one goes 😉

It’s time for our industry to focus on attaining true value from BIM!

“Eye-candie alone should not be enough to win critical design and construction projects” – SAID a diligent Project Manager

The good news is that we are starting to see a shift from Architects and Contractors in our industry.

We are now seeing design and construction teams start to differentiate themselves from their competition by proving how they are able to better plan, manage and control BIM on projects for the benefit of the owner and also the project team themselves.

They are describing exactly which BIM Uses the team is planning, what BIM they need to get there, how they will achieve the benefits

….and how the owner’s life going to be better on this project as a result!

BIM Uses

These teams believe in planning the right BIM, at the right time, by the right people – for the right reasons – that’s what we call Smart Lean BIM.

Are you ready to for some SmartLeanBIM™?

Three modules:

BIM Execution Plan


Visual LOD Matrix

BIM Scope

BIM Management

BIM Track

Create your Free BIM Execution Plan now:

BIM Blogs:

What is BIM?

What is BIM?

A “What Is BIM” explanation that even your Grandma would understand!

Recorded BIM Webinars:


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