GET-TECH + lodplanner nominated for CanBIM Award

We commend the truly amazing work and commitment from CanBIM!

It is an honour for lodplanner to be nominated for this prestigious technology award – especially among such exceptional competition. 

“Just being nominated for a CanBIM technology award is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!” says Clive Jordan, Co-Founder at lodplanner. 

Here is an insight into some of the questions that were asked and how GET-TECH and lodplanner align with CanBIM’s amazing vision. 

Excerpt from the GET-TECH Blog:

LOD Planner can unite decentralized teams and integrate people, tools and processes. Each of the three modules offers many good examples of Interoperability:

Plan Module:
BIM Execution Planning was once a disconnected workflow of Word, Excel and PDFs – it was time consuming and, let’s face it, the results were mostly ignored. It was clear, that there is a need for a simple BIM Management Platform, that supports interoperability, a place where all project stakeholders would meet and collaboratively decide on BEP. And not only this, LOD Planner provides a few Special Features, like embed videos, surveys, slides, spreadsheets, 3D models and even laser scans that can be shared with project teams for review and approval.

Scope Module:
Previously Level Of Development (LOD) workflows were inflexible and could cause confusion. Disconnected processes (using Excel and pdfs) can also result in miscommunication. Isn’t it time to stop adding unnecessary risk to our BIM projects? With LOD Planner connected teams agree on scope together, minimizing risk for everyone.

Track Module:
BIM can be wasteful if it is not planned and managed using Lean design processes. Many projects experience over-modeling, under-modeling, duplicate modeling and lots of rework. With LOD Planner one can take control of a project with a Lean BIM management workflow, that all project teams can agree to!

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