BIM Planning Made Even Easier 🛎 

Setting up your BIM workflow can be pretty time consuming

so we decided to help.

Making a simple BIM workflow even simpler: 

We’ve always wanted to streamline BIM Execution Planning 

…but with your feedback we’ve been able to make it:

  • More intuitive ✔️
  • More visual ✔️
  • More collaborative ✔️
  • More structured AND more flexible (at the same time!) ✔️

while including more templates and standards 

all with LESS CLICKS 🏆 

Could these updates help streamline your BIM planning workflow?

In these two videos we see how an integrated BIM planning workflow can be more powerful and even easier than using traditional disconnected project management tools

Part 1 – BIM workflow updates:

A few of the BIM workflow updates:

BIM Project Dashboard

Updated Project Dashboard 

BIM Project Standards

New “None” option for LOD Standard

BIM Execution Planning tool

New drag and drop from Library 

LOD Matrix

New drag and drop elements

BIM Information Requirements Matrix

Updated Information Management tools

BIM Schedule

New Gantt chart “Timeline” view

New BIM Docs Updates

Updated documents and  editing options

LOD Planner Biggest BIM Update Ever

New Enterprise features!

Part 2 – BIM workflow demo:

In this video we create a BIM contract in about 12 minutes:

Are you looking to simplify your BIM workflow? 

Find out more?

BIM Execution Plan


Visual LOD Matrix

BIM Scope

BIM Management

BIM Track

Create your Free BIM Execution Plan now:

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