Our BIM Team’s Journey – 1 Year Since Launch

385 days ago our BIM team launched the first version of LOD Planner. The launch was (way over) planned with a 10 day countdown and “everything” 😉 At midnight our team waited for the mad rush of signups.

Waiting For The Mad Midnight Rush:

BIM Software Launch - Waiting for users :)

Well… that didn’t happen 😖

But In The Following Weeks Things Started To Get Rolling:

It took us about a month to reach our overly optimistic day 1 target.

Then, as word spread and people recommended – we rapidly added users in more and more locations. After 6 months we found ourselves supporting BIM teams in over 50 countries. Last week we reached 100 countries (that statement is drenched in pride). We’re especially proud to achieve these numbers without a sales or marketing team – and for that we owe everything to the voice of our customers and partners.

Last week four of our team were especially proud to represent LOD Planner at Autodesk University and share how other BIM teams around the world are using LOD Planner.

We were blown away that on several occasions passionate users stepped in to share their own personal experiences of LOD Planner with their industry peers.

“I don’t work for these guys – but you need to use this” – Cindy B:

LOD Planner user reviewing the platform with another user at Autodesk University

The LOD Planner BIM Team Thanks You All For Your Support!

Our LOD Planner Team at Autodesk University Conference

Sharing Smart Lean BIM concepts and goals with many of the 11,400 industry experts at Autodesk University was a delight! 

We love working with both our industry peers: 

LOD Planner Reviewers

…and industry BIM experts from around the world to gain valuable feedback to continuously improve everything we do. 
LOD Planner Reviewers

We have a BHAG to improve some extremely critical workflows in our AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) space.

Today maybe 99% of our industry contracts to 2D deliverables (vs 1% for 3D)¹.  ¹We actually think it’s worse that this.

Together, with our users and partners, we’re going to flip that.

Thankfully many others share our passion and as a result we’ve now reached a stage where we can offer a free version of LOD Planner.

Would you like to join us?

Find out more?

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