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Frequently asked questions

How much is LOD Planner?

The free account is, well, free.

All Viewers are free too!

Editors and Managers count as paid users.

Purchase individual editors or select a company plan.  

Companies can start with a Team account which provides 15 Editors/Managers and removes all restrictions for internal and external team members.

Paid yearly plans attract a large discount.

If you like unlimited (who doesn’t?!) talk to us about Enterprise plans and multi-year agreements.

How many licenses will I need?

Project Managers and Project Editors are the only ones who require a user license.

How do I setup LOD Planner?

Select the “Join Free” button on this page, create your profile and, well, you’ll already done! 

Do you have a free trial?

Yes LOD Planner is actually free to get started – you will get your first project Plan for free. 

Free accounts also allow you to add other users to your account for free. 

You can then upgrade anytime in the app to your chosen paid plan.


You will have access to in-app support though the chat bubble in the bottom right of the screen – just like on this page!

Chat with us anytime if you have questions or just have a great joke to share. We do like good jokes. 


If unlimited Managers and Editors would make things easier for your team you may like to consider one of our enterprise plans.

Hit the chat in the lower right or send us an email ( if you would like more details.

Will LOD Planner work on my computer?

Yes, as long as you have a web browser! 

We recommend using the Google Chrome web browser but will always try to support all modern browsers.

Adding more users to my account?

If you would like to add more users you can easily do that within your app’s Workspace Management settings.

You can also easily switch between plans at anytime with the charges being prorated to the second (we like being accurate).


LOD Planner runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS cloud infrastructure has been architected to be one of the most secure cloud computing environments available on the planet.

As well as the security features built into the AWS service, we employ 128-bit SSL encryption for all data transfer on the platform and run daily secure backups.

Cancelling your account?

If for any reason LOD Planner is not for you right now just cancel your account.


Yes, if it’s the right fit we’d be delighted to work with you! We are working with the following SmartLeanBIM™ partners: 1) Advocate (reseller), 2) Education (universities) and 3) Strategic (technology / standards) Partners.  

We are especially interested in finding strategically located consultants and resellers who are leading the implementation of BIM in our AECO industry. 

If you think this could be a good fit please register your interest here: SmartLeanBIM™ Advocate Partner Program

What’s next?

Our focus is to help our industry optimize/se (see what we did there?!) the global design management workflow.  

If you’d like to collaborate – email us: 

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